Create Listings with same slug and category logic on frontend as backend

Hi there! We are using " “…#%listing.slug%” at the end of our listing titles to give them some sort of easily accessible ID for customers and staff as a reference.

  1. When creating a listing in the backend, the slug is in an ID number form. We use these numbers with tokens for titles and internal referencing. When a user is creating a listing on the frontend, the slug is following a different logic and based of the complete title. Is it possible to make sure that it is also an ID just like when it’s created from the backend?

  2. Also when selecting a listing category, we on purpose check the main and secondary category. When creating a listing on the front-end, only the secondary category is marked as selected if that is chosen on the frontend. Anyway we can make sure that both are checked?

Thanks guys. Great tool!


  1. Unfortunately, this is not possible, it would require a custom implementation, we recommend using, but please note that we have not tested this, so we cannot confirm for sure that it will work.

  2. Sorry, this won’t work correctly, as it would break category counts and so on. Note that only the most child categories are always selected on the frontend side.

I hope this information proves useful to you.

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