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Hi. I have made a site using listinghive. Im almost at the end, but i have some problems. When i go to add new listing then choose category cars, and then i have a lot of attributes. I have BRAND and its dropdown menu with all car brands from a to z. And i have next attribute MODEL. I would like when i choose in BRAND for example AUDI i will in MODEL only see A1 A2 A3 etc etc so is there any solution for that? Or something else… please help

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In the current version creating two dependent Select fields is not possible unless one of them is the listing category. If you already created a single Select attribute for the Make/Model with hierarchical options (the one on your screenshot seems to be ok, it lists makes as parent options and models as child options, so it’s not possible to select BMW > Logan.

To display both values, please try this display format: %parent_value% %value%. Then selecting Toyota > Corolla will just display Toyota Corolla on the listing page.


It worked perfectly, thanks :slight_smile:

Once again thanks, but i need to ask one more thing… for example Brand Audi then model A1 A3 A5 when i choose A1 at the end I get Audi A1, which is perfect :+1:t2: but when i have for example BMW(main parent) then Series1(child to Bmw, but parent to models) then 118D 120D(child to Bmw and to Series1). So i need it to look like this but when i choose 118D i get at the end Series 1 118D. Is there some solution to say something like whene there is two parent always choose the first(main) to display, so i will see Bmw 118D instead of series1 118D. Thanks :grin: and one more thing… sorry if im boring… when i open that dropdown menu with all cars, i also have search to type, but for example when i type Audi i only see Audi i dont see the models of it…


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature; it would require a custom implementation.

But thanks for the suggestion; we will consider it and try to improve the functionality.

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