Creating a marketplace similar to eBay and charging a commission on each sale

Hello! I’m new to WP and I’m looking at this classified plugin to see if it will function the way I need it to. Basically I’m opening a used “book store”. I want it to run like an eBay where someone adds their listing, inputs a few basic information, lists a price etc. The buyer will be in direct contact with the seller. I would like to take a small commission from the sale, but it would be automatic; I don’t send the money to anyone its just deducted and added to account. Would like transactions to be made through PayPal. No membership fees. Unlimited ads. Maybe ads can be deleted after a certain time period. Has to be super simple setup (user friendly) for the seller as there may sometimes be only one or five items to list. Is this something that is feasible? Or is there a better way to manage the commission? I just don’t want money to be going through my hands to the seller.

Sure, all the described features are available and we tried to keep the HivePress UI as simple as possible. The only issue is splitting payments via the Marketplace extension, we plan to implement this in future updates but currently it works like an escrow - all payments are sent to the website owner first.

Hello, I’m looking for the same thing too.

There is estimated time for that update with a commission payment system and not a security deposit system…

Sorry, there’s no ETA but this feature has a high priority along with the security deposit one, there were many requests for it.

But do you know if it will be in the tea update suite or at least know if it will be released in June?

Sorry, we haven’t made the research regarding the implementation yet (it’ll most likely be implemented for Stripe and PayPal only), but we’ll try to implement this as soon as its possible.

Any updates on the deposit feature yet?

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Sorry, it’s not available yet but it’s still on the roadmap - we were working on the iCal sync feature lately.

Hello ihor, do you know when the version similar to eBay is going to be implemented where the user is charged a percentage or price for each reservation directly without charging the entire amount to a deposit fund.?

We’ve already started working on the Stripe Connect integration for Marketplace so it should be available as soon as possible. The payment would be split on checkout in this case, the site owners wouldn’t have to receive all the funds and then make payouts.

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