Creating an employee profile page?

Hi, I’d like to create a page that shows employee profiles where users can upload there picture and post their cv’s. Is there any plugin or way to do this? Ideally the employer could filter by nationality, skills, qualifications, etc.


This feature is available in the latest version but there’s no search for the employee profiles yet, it’s available for companies only. Please enable user profiles in HivePress/Settings/Users, you can also define user attributes in Users/Attributes.

I already have this enabled. But how can I make a repository showing all of these profiles? If I create a new page, how do I show all of the users?


Unfortunately, this is impossible because the pages with user profiles are unavailable in this version.

So will this be a feature in an upcoming version? And if so, when will it be released?

Sorry, it’s not planned yet but we’ll consider adding it. Initially we added user profiles just for the single profile pages and WordPress doesn’t have a search page for users (it has for custom post types, like listings and vendors) but we’ll check possible workarounds.

Not only does it not have a search page for the users, but the employers can’t even see the profiles of the people who apply to their jobs!

At the moment, all the jobs are created under my account so I can see if anyone sends me a message. It shows their name but I can’t even click on their name to show their profile. There’s no way to enable that?

The only way I can see their profile pic is going into the admin section, but that doesn’t help employers who don’t have access to that.

Yes, clickable usernames in Messages and Reviews are planned for the next update. Profiles for regular users (not companies) is a pretty new feature.


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