Creating multiple Stripe Express accounts for a vendor

HivePress sends the API requests [POST /v1/accounts] and [POST /v1/account_links] to Stripe and creates multiple another Stripe Express accounts for a vendor, everytime a vendor changes his/her profile. As the result, the vendors’ deposits break up to each Stripe account, and I (platformer) cannot payout them properly.

This is quite critical issue, please check out and fix this ASAP.

Steps to reproduce

  1. A vendor creates a new Stripe Express account.
  2. The vendor changes the profile. *At this time, new API requests [POST /v1/accounts] and [POST /v1/account_links] are sent to Stripe.
  3. Stripe creates another express account

Expected result

HivePress doesn’t send the API requests [POST /v1/accounts] and [POST /v1/account_links] and keeps vendors’ existing Stripe express account, even a vendor changes the profile.

Hi @yevhen , @ihor , and other supporters,

Could you please check and fix this ASAP? This issue is so critical and is about to make something troubles between the vendors and us (platformer). Your prompt great supports would be highly appreciated.



Unfortunately, we were unable to replicate the issue locally. Please provide more details on this issue (your actions step by step). Do you mean the Complete Profile form or the link to the account page in the sidebar?

Hi @andrii , thanks for your support, and sorry for a lack of explanation on my part. It seems that the issue reproduces when the platformer edits the vendor attributions after the vendor completed the Stripe settings.

The step-by-step action to reproduce the issue is as follows, for your reference.

  1. A vendor completes the Stripe account settings, including identity verification on the Stripe side.

  2. I (platformer) edit the vendor attributes on the WordPress; for instance, adding new attributes or removing existing ones.

  3. Once a vendor clicks the green button “Add Listing” at the top of the page to create a new listing, some of his/her vendor’s information (was set the attributes) vanishes, and the button “Stripe Setting” displays at the bottom in stead of the “Submit Listing” button, and then another Stripe account is created when the vendor clicks it and the vendor is required another Stripe settings again.


Sorry for the delay. We can’t reproduce this issue locally, please check the vendor attributes - maybe one of the attribute field names conflicts with the built-in fields (e.g. custom attributes can’t have field names like “stripe_id”)? Also, if you haven’t added all the required attributes initially then vendors will see the Complete Profile form again when they try to add another listing.

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