Credit system for revealing specific listing or user details

Please, I would like to make a site where the user buys credits to reveal the phone number and start a chat conversation with the advertiser.
Every time you click on a phone or chat, you spend a credit from the contracted package.

You can try using the Memberships extension for this purpose - you can limit the number of listing/vendor views per each membership plan. For example, you can sell a plan with 10 views so users with this plan will be able to reveal the details (e.g. Phone number) of 10 listings or vendors, then they’ll have to purchase the plan again.


oh, i had imagined that too. It’s easy to do? I’m no expert.
Is it also possible to limit access to messages?

Yes, you can follow the screencasts here Memberships - HivePress Help Center If you add membership plans and set the views limit then users will be able to purchase plans thus purchasing a specific number of views for listing or vendor details. You can also enable/disable messaging per plan.

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