Cron jobs for expiration and alerts etc doesn't work?

The expiration of the listings hasn’t been working for a long time. But now I’m trying to set up Search Alerts extension and get that to work. But I can’t seem to get the cron job running.
The weird thing is that I see this in class-scheduler.php:

		// Schedule events.
		add_action( 'hivepress/v1/activate', [ $this, 'schedule_events' ] );
		add_action( 'hivepress/v1/update', [ $this, 'schedule_events' ] );

		// Unschedule events.
		add_action( 'hivepress/v1/deactivate', [ $this, 'unschedule_events' ] );
		add_action( 'hivepress/v1/activate', [ $this, 'unschedule_events' ] );
		add_action( 'hivepress/v1/update', [ $this, 'unschedule_events' ] );

That seems to me you are scheduling the events but then directly after that unscheduling the events? :confused:

Or how is the events supposed to work. It doesn’t work for me.

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Please send temporary WP access via email to with a link to this topic and any extra details that may help detect this issue, and we’ll check it. You can send a temporary admin access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

Well I have reviewed this issue further and there is action scheduler running which is working. So that is not the issue.
BUT the search alert does not work. No alert mail is sent and the issue seems to be where the form is validated in the function get_model_form in class-search-alerts.php. The field “_category” is said to contain invalid value (error message “field_contains_invalid_value”). Why that is I don’t know. The category id it contains does exist in the taxonomy database table (term_taxonomy). And if I click on the link to the monitored search it is displayed.

I’m stuck here. Will provide you with a temporary login to our staging site and let you have a look.

Thanks for the details, I received temporary WP access and will debug this further today.

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