CSS to make featured listings border thicker

Is there a CSS code to make the featured listings borders thicker, to stand out more? Also, is there a CSS code to make the form field borders and text darker, to be seen easier?



For a featured listing border, please use this CSS snippet:

.hp-listing--view-block.hp-listing--featured {
 border: 5px solid #f1bd6c;

Please note that it can require further customization.

Regarding the form, please provide more details on what form and text you are referring to, and we will try to help.

Thanks. As for the forms, the user and vendor registration forms are very light and transparent.

Also, I’ve added a “Messages” button on my homepage that links to the messages. Is there a way to get the red circle with number of messages indicator to appear here? If not, is there a way to make the button change color when there are messages?


As for the forms, they require detailed customization, unfortunately, there is no simple snippet. Regarding messages, the red dot is displayed only in the header and opposite the messages if there is at least one message.

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