Custom features in website disappeared

I have a property listings website and two of the custom features I had developed have disappeared. I had a button on the bottom of every listing( below the contact the advertiser) to call the advertiser directly on the phone , but that’s gone and also I had an option to mark the properties as rented when editing the details, but it’s also gone.
Is this gone because of update of the theme?
These features are really important for my website functionality.
Does someone have the same problem.
I can’t provide images to show anything, because the buttons are not there!!!

This is the backend , plugin page ( attaching image)


Most likely, you deleted the files of some plugins. We recommend restoring all data via backup if you have the option. Please note that we provide support only for the functionality and existing features of HivePress. If you need help with maintaining your site’s settings, please try customizing it using other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work

The website got malware, and everything that was developed at a later stage was deleted. Fortunately, the hosting provider i am using is quite good, and they managed to clean up the website and save the majority of files. As I said before, I have not done anything to the website , so deleting files from plugins for no apparent reason is most likely not the scenario in situations like this. Thanks for your reply!

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