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We use the moderation option for all listings. I installed a plugin (PublishPress) to create custom post statuses for the listing post type. For instance, we would like to use ‘Waiting for more info’ when vendors are asked to provide more information. This way all moderators know the exact current status and not just ‘Pending review’.

But setting this status will remove the listing and pending label from the users account page since it is not connected to the pending status anymore. Is there a way to ‘link’ both statuses so they behave the same?

The same goes for the custom post status Rejected. I would like that one to behave like the draft status: showing the label ‘Hidden’. This way the vendor is still able to view and edit the listing for future submitting (when it’s trashed that’s not an option anymore).

I hope you can help! Thank you!

PS I LOVE your plugin and the ListingHive theme! :smiley:


Thanks! If you have a minute, please rate it on the WordPress repository [HivePress - Business Directory & Classified Ads WordPress Plugin] Reviews | Any feedback is appreciated.

We recommend not using statuses for this purpose because many things are tied to statuses in the code. As a workaround, we recommend creating a select attribute for vendors and displaying it as a column in the admin panel. But please note that this requires a custom implementation.

Okay thanks for your info! Will do like yo suggest. No customization needed as the mentioned plugin also has an Editorial Metabox :sunglasses:

Yes I will rate the plugin! 5 stars at least :wink:

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