Custom sort type


I’m actually trying to sort my listings with another type of filer.
I downloaded LikeButton rating plugin and i want to sort my listings by number of like.
Is it possible to do that ? It seems that we can only sort by attributes.

Thanks a lot.


It is possible but requires advanced customization. It is needed to save data from this plugin and custom attribute in the same meta field in the database. HivePress attributes meta fields are with name hp_ + attribute slug/field name. If you are not familiar with code customization then please consider hiring someone for custom work

Thanks for your reply.
I was thinking about another way to, maybe, do what i want to.

My Like Button plugin can execute a Javascript Callback function when I click on the “Like” button.
I’ve got the “Review Extension” from HivePress so there’s a possibility to sort depending on review score.
I suppose that the review score is just a number, right ? Do you think i can call a function when i click on the like button to make the review score higher so the review sorting will be able to do what i want ?

It’s possible but this would require advanced customizations. If the like functionality is similar to our Favorites extension HivePress Favorites – WordPress plugin | it may be easier to customize it instead, you can check our developer docs Getting started - Developer Docs

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