Custom vendor fields for each category

Hello. Can you advise if it’s possible to create a separate form with different questions and fields for each category of people? For example, if a freelancer registers on the website, they would see one set of fields during registration, and for a full-time employee, there would be different fields and placeholders. How can this be achieved? Thank you!

I understand that something can be done through attributes, but when filling out information about a service (listing) from the seller’s side, many other fields appear, which are not needed, and they cannot be removed easily (only through code).

For example, what I want to achieve:

  1. When a freelancer selects their vendor category during registration, a field “write about your freelancing experience” should appear.
  2. When a full-time employee selects their category, a field “write about your remote work experience” should appear.

Is there any ready-made solution that allows editing fields for each category? Or perhaps a plugin through which fields for each category can be managed and edited?

Thank you.


I recommend using vendor attributes and linking them to specific categories, so that when you select a category, you will see different attributes, please check this doc How to add vendor profile fields - HivePress Help Center. But please note that this must be done through direct registration, and the attributes will be displayed after registration, because adding them to the registration form will require custom implementation, please check this doc How to add a vendor registration form - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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