Customer does not get charged for the second upload

When customers upload multiple listings in one day it only charges them once. I need it to charge them every time. If they upload the next day no issue only if they upload one after another. What can I do to change that?


Please provide more details regarding your question (e.g., are you using the Paid Listings extension or another extension for monetization?).

I am just using the free listing plugin from you. And then I use Woo commerce to charge them. If they just go through the woo commerce shop then it all works good but if they go through the shop that is part of the listing plugin and if they upload one right after the other one it charges the first one but not the second one. Not sure if that explains it more. My website is


Which one of our free extensions are you using exactly?

Also, please check our docs regarding paid listings: Paid Listings - HivePress Help Center

Hope it helps.

I am using the ListingHive and I have Woocommerce and everything already set up on the website.


We still recommend using the Paid Listings extension for this purpose because it will not work correctly with WooCommerce and our theme without Paid Listings extension.

Ok thank you.

I checked and I actually have the paid listings extension on the website.

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