Customize mobile view listing font and gap

I would like to customize these features in mobile view without changing the desktop view.

  1. Smaller font title & attribute
  2. Smaller gap between listing image and title
  3. Smaller gap between listing


These adjustments are possible, but they require custom CSS snippets.

Sure. I would like to know the CSS

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but customizations are beyond the support scope - we offer a standard software with the set of features and design available at the time of purchase. Further customizations (if not covered with the options in the block editor and Appearance/Customize) may require CSS or other solutions (e.g. third-party plugins). We are responsible for fixing any bugs you find in the theme features and for providing guidance about the features, but unfortunately we can’t customize your website for you as a part of a fixed-price theme license Support Policy | HivePress

I recommend checking the existing solutions in the docs and on the forum (there are hundreds of suggested CSS snippets) or hiring someone for adjusting the design

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