Customize or edit page functions not working!

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I have the same issue, I can’t edit any pages (except for Home page).
Here is an example of Requests page in edit mode, I can create brand new elements but I don’t see the existing page elements.
I deactivated all plugins except for hivepress and bluehost ones. What is the problem?

If it’s a page in WordPress/Pages assigned as a Requests page, its content is ignored - it works in the same way as the Posts page in WordPress (set in Settings/Reading), it just defines the label & URL of the archive page. If you want to customize its layout, please try using the Templates feature - here’s an example of overriding the Listings page template Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

Ok thank you. How can I add/modify the existing Requests page in the visual editor? The video shows how to create a new template and override the existing.

Attached is a screenshot of page which I need to add to.

Please, follow the steps from the video, but choose a Requests Template; this will allow customizing the whole layout of the page. If you can’t find Requests among the available Template options, make sure that you have the latest version of the Requests extension.

I don’t see any existing templates. What’s the problem over here? I still have no idea how to make modifications to any pages/templates.

P.S. All of my extensions are up to date.

If you want to override the Requests page template completely, please follow this screencast step by step, but select Requests instead of Listings template Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube As you can see the template is created there, by default the HivePress/Templates section is empty because only custom templates are kept there, if there’s no template in HivePress/Templates then the default one is used instead (set in the plugin code).

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