Customizing .php templates using child theme

Salute Guys!
Could you please advise what am I doing wrong?

I’ve tried to follow your guides and tutorials on customizing .php templates using the child theme feature.

How I’ve tried to do it:

  1. Installed the childtheme plugin.

  2. Copied the the .php template file that I want to customize into the child theme folder and tried to maintain the original path of the catalogue.

  3. Make changes - Nothing happens.
    I think for child file has no priority over the parent file for some reasons.

Meanwhile as I edit the original file in parent folder everything works. How could I correctly implement the childtheme file copy to prevent changes upon future updates?

Please remove the “templates” folder from the path, it should be child-theme-folder/hivepress/user/login/user-register-link.php Then the copied file should override the default one from the HivePress plugin folder.

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