Customizing the keywords field placeholder

Hello. How do I change the listing search form’s word from ‘Keyword’ to 'Search by Make/Model? It’s a car dealership website.

Hi, use this code snippet. Add your text where it says in the code.

	function( $form ) {
		if ( isset( $form['fields']['s'] ) ) {
			$form['fields']['s']['placeholder'] = 'custom text here';

		return $form;

It didn’t work. The listing search form is still the same. I added the code snippet on Custom CSS area

Hi, no you must download the code snippet by pro plugin. Then add the snippet there. This is php code not css.

Thank you. I’ll have to consult the services of a web developer since I don’t grasp how to go about the code snippet. I thought I’d just add some custom CSS and I’m good to go

Email me and I’ll walk you through it. No need to go to developer for that.

Okay, will do

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