Daily Prices in Add a Listing details

Hello! I have “Daily Prices (optional)” in my add a listing form. This is NOT relevant to my set up, listings are scheduled by time only (hour or so). I can’t determine how I activated the Daily Prices form field. I’ve tried activating and deactivating “Enable daily appointments”. I’ve reactivated my marketplace plugin and verified no related settings were set. I’ve scoured my functions.php to make sure I didn’t have code placed somewhere by mistake. Please let me know how I can remove this label "Daily Prices (optional) with the “Days” field and “Price” field. Thanks

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I was just searching for this answer as well. These did not appear before but in trying to make sure I have seasonal rates set up, it was activated and I cannot get it back off the listing set up. Thanks for posing the question–I’m watching for a reply as well. :slight_smile:


Please check this doc How to enable the variable pricing - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

That isn’t fixing my issue. I currently have Marketplace turned off b/c I only want hosts to pay for their listing, NOT accept booking payments from guests.

When I look at Hivepress: settings: bookings, there is no checkbox for variable pricing at all:

Yet, it shows up in my listing set up page:

If you enabled Marketplace plugin at any point and then went to hivepress>settings>booking and set “Enable variable pricing” to on (check boxed). And then, at some point you disabled the Marketplace extension. This “Enable variable pricing” will no longer be visible but the setting will still be enabled. This was my problem. So, I had to reactivate the Marketplace plugin and go to hivepress>settings>booking per the doc and uncheck “Enable variable pricing”. Then, disable marketplace again if desired. Voila!

Thank you!

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