Date range calculation per night (Checkin and Checkout)

Dear @ihor and @yevhen. A guest just contacted me asking the following question that I seem not to solve immediately:

Date Calculation:

  • Guest wants to book for 3 nights from 1st to 4th of the month. Problem: a booking was already made from the 4th to the 7th by another guest.

Actual result:

  • The guest is not able to make the booking because the 4th is blocked.

Expected result:

  • Since “Daily bookings” is disabled, the 4th of the month should only block half a day and NOT the full day.

Extra details

  • The only setting under HIVEPRESS/SETTINGS/BOOKINGS is price calculation. Also, the listing has no Booking Offset etc. that could block the dates.

NOTE: I believe that the calculation was previously correct when I did my last tests. Please advise me since the vendors are loosing a full booking days.

Thank you very much!

Please make sure that the daily bookings are disabled (and were disabled on the moment of this booking), you can also test a new booking for adjacent dates. If it works with new bookings then there’s probably a collision of the booking start/end times and they overlap - the easiest way to resolve this is by editing the start or end time in the database. Also, please let me know if multiple bookings per time period are enabled.

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thank you @ihor - I have checked:

  • Daily bookings are disable
  • Allow multiple places per booking is turn off
  • Allow multiple places per time period is turn off as well.

SIDENOTE: I have tested the multiple places per booking settings last week. (would really like to use it, but it is multiplying the price which in my case (( renting homes )) is complicated to implement).

I have also disable certain plugins that went active in the last two weeks - no change.

Where exactly do I look for it in the database? I try not to touch any info in the database, but I can’ t allow this issue to stop the booking process.

@ihor have done some prep work and believe to have found the correct file. Again, novice at manipulating the database.

I believe to have found the source: class-booking-calendar.php

Not sure how to input and on what line. Looking for feedback!

Thank you in advance!

You can send temporary WP access with a link to this booking to and I’ll check it for you, maybe it was made while multiple places per booking were enabled. If you’re familiar with customizations you can also try to debug this by outputting the booking details via var_dump.

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