Dates blacking out

When I book a date on the site it blacks out that date even if I do not hit the number of guests allowed. Example, a trip has 4 available spots (4 max guests), a customer books a date for 2 guests. This then blacks out the entire date instead of having 2 slots available for that day. I cannot do time slots because then it disables the date search feature on the search bar. How can I stop this from happening?

Please make sure that you have the latest Bookings version (released this week). If this issue persists please send the steps for reproducing it with temporary WP access via email to and I’ll check it, if there’s a bug we’ll fix it directly on your site and also in the next update.

Booking pluggin is updated, issue still persists. Temp login sent to email.

Thanks, I received the credentials and will check this as soon as possible. Please also send the steps for reproducing this issue, e.g. if a specific listing should be checked or if there are any specific details. This really helps to detect and resolve issues faster without requesting further details.

There is only one listing up at the moment! And to recreate the issue, just book any date available with less the the max guest number (4) and it will block out instead of leaving it available for the remaining spots. Example, Book for 2 guests and it’ll still blow l the date out instead of make that date have two slots left available.

Thanks for the details. I checked settings in HivePress/Settings/Bookings and multiple bookings per time period are not allowed Screenshot by Lightshot

If this option is unchecked, any confirmed booking will block the dates, in this case the Guests field is just used to indicate the number of expected guests and prevent booking if there are more guests.

For example, if the apartment allows 4 guests max it will not allow selecting 5, but without the “allow multiple bookings…” checked option it’ll still block the dates if there’s at least 1 booking.

Okay, I had that unchecked because I need to have the Dates in the search bar. How can I have the dates in the search bar and have the multiple bookings per time period enabled?

Sorry, the availability search is not available for “multiple bookings per period” mode yet, I can enable this in the code on your site but it will consider listing as booked (in search results only) even if there’s a single booking for the selected dates (it’ll be still available if someone views the listing page or finds this listing by other criteria).

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Can you please enable that in the code? Thank you!

I added a new snippet to the Code Snippets that enables the Dates search field regardless of the settings.

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