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Hi there, there a a few listing attributes that are showing as default on the live website and the sign up form but are do not show on the listing attributes dashboard for me to be able to edit or choose not to show. Can you tell me where I can edit these please?

Yes, some attributes may be built-in via the extensions. Please let me know what changes are required, there may be a code snippet or another workaround (for example you can change any field names and descriptions via the Loco plugin).

Thank you, the things I want to amend are the field names and also where the information the user puts in displays, which is controlled via the section screen grabbed. I would like to be able state the format and areas it is displayed and the rank of the attribute.

Or alternatively if there is just a way to hide default attributes that would be even better and i will just create new ones to replace them, so I have full control.


Please try changing the field labels via Loco Translate How to translate HivePress - HivePress Help Center It’s possible to change other parameters like the display format and order, but this requires code snippets, for example Change the price display format for marketplace listings #hivepress #marketplace · GitHub

Unfortunately it’s not possible to replace the built-in attributes because usually they are linked to some functionality (so the extension adds these attributes via the code), it’s only possible to override their parameters.

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