Delete Stripe Connect account behaviour

I reported this a while back, and wondering how far along a solution, if any, you have come

At the moment, when a vendor deletes its account through the HivePress settings menu, the account doesn’t check to see if it has been registered and onboarded with Stripe Connect, cause a bit of trouble if it has.

Stripe Connect Express accounts can only be deleted through the API and only when the balance is zero.

The behaviour that is needed when a vendor clicks the delete account button, is for it to check if the account is connected to stripe, if so, check if the balance is zero and then if so, delete the WordPress account and stripe connect Express account through the API. Or else, return an error stating that you have to wait for all payouts before it can be deleted.

Thanks for your feedback. Does Stripe has any options for this in their dashboard? We would avoid deleting anything permanently and automatically because the account with the transaction and payouts history may be required for accounting purposes.

There is no way to do this from the dashboard. Only to freeze payouts or “reject” the connected account. Not deleting it, but preventing it from being used.

According to the documentation, the only way to delete a stripe Express account is through the API. And if you are a user with a Stripe Express Account, that you need to delete, the Stripe Documentation is telling you to contact the website admin.

The issue with the Express account is that the connected user has no way to interact/log in to it other than through the “manage payouts on stripe” link on the account page. So when the HivePress vendor account is deleted, the stripe Express account connected to it is void/non accessible/useless.

Therefor when the HivePress vendor account is deleted, there is no purpose for the Stripe Express account.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this as an option, so the site owners will be able to enable this in HivePress settings. Generally, we avoid deleting something permanently by default.

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Yeah but I mean, when the user deletes he’s account, it is gone anyway, and the user cannot access he’s stripe express account, nor can he make a new account and link it to he’s excisting stripe account.


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