Deleting keyword in main search bar

Is it possible to delete “keywords” in main search bar. Is it possible to use ELEMENTOR for added information on the front page ?


You can remove Keywords in HivePress > Settings > Default FIelds.

As for changing the Home Page via Elementor, unfortunately, there is no such possibility, because it is created using Gutenberg. I recommend using the standard WP Editor or creating a page from scratch with Elementor.

Great Thanks. Can you assist with the other questions outstanding ?

  • I need the email to be visible on vendors list


If you mean to add a column of emails on the backend, this will require a custom implementation.

As you mentioned in another message The creation of a attribute called “email” Does not show at all. even if i use “email” or “text” as the FIELD name. As i said there is obviously a clash with the registration email. Something you may need to fix.
So ive called the field name OTHER and added “Email” in FORMAT So a email can be visible to users


Yes, most likely, the email field conflicts with a field in your attribute. I recommend that you specify a different field name and everything should work and display correctly.

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