Description for images

I would appreciate if there was a way to show the description for an image on the detail page of a listing.

At the moment one can add a description (and title, alt text …) via the WP media manager, however the content of these fields are not visible when viewing a listing – at least with the listinghive theme.

Being able to show a description beneath the image is useful not only for accessibility but also for giving credits (e.g., for many Creative Commons licences it is required to show proper credits).

I hope I have not overlooked something, and it is already possible.

P.S.: Great plugin by the way :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature - either by adding the back-end set descriptions on the front-end or adding fields for users to edit the image descriptions via the front-end forms.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

The ability to add an image ALT tag and title would be a GREAT addition.

Thanks, we’ll most likely add it for the back-end first since WordPress/Media section already has fields for editing ALT tags, so the only required change is outputting these tags.

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