Develop a theme for digital products

Hello Hivepress,

Because through the extension “Marketplace” can also sell digital products, it would be interesting for hivepress to create a theme for digital product marketplace like Mayosis, Tijarah… I am intersted to buy a such theme from Hivepress because I’m thinking of launching a a digital products marketplace. In the article from blog hivepress recommends to using TaskHive, but this theme is more usefull for service marketplace.


You want to sell already completed, digital products/goods? I don’t see why you cannot use Taskhive for this. Products can be listed and bought directly, then - delivered in a prefered way before the order is marked as delivered by the seller, and recieved by the buyer. The money is then transfered to the seller.

What are you looking for exactly? Would be usefull if you could come with an example.

Thanks for your suggestion, we plan to create a theme for each HivePress use-case, if specific design features are required. If it’s urgent you can also use TaskHive or even ExpertHive for this purpose, depending on your design preference. You don’t have to sell services, it can be a marketplace of digital downloads.

I am using taskhive for service marketplace. I would like to create a digital product marketplace and I would like to use a theme which to have a design for this domain. From my point of view TaskHive is the Best theme for Services. But for product digital I think no… For this reason I specified some exemple of themes in my post.

But I am waiting until hivepress develop a such theme!:grin:

I’m waiting until hivepress develops a theme for this type of marketplace (because I’m sure it will be beautiful).
Any idea if it will develop this year?

Thank you!

I mean the design of the theme. I know that the TaskHive theme can be used, but I wanted a specific theme for this type of marketplace.

Thanks, we’ll check the referenced themes. There’s no ETA yet but it’ll most likely be released this year, we plan to develop themes for the most popular HivePress niches.