Did I bite off more than I can chew?

I bought the RentalHive but I feel a sinking sense of regret. I’m trying to follow some tutorials but they are so poorly made I can’t see what is going on. Between this and the $300 purchase for Wordpress I think I might have made a grave mistake.

Any recommendations on where to find tutorials that are visible to the human eye and what order to watch them? All I want is a site in which I can list several properties and have people book. I’m waaaaaay in over my head.

I had no prior experience doing a website. But after trial and error & reading things here on this forum, I was able to put together a decent booking site so far.

Email me, maybe I can answer some basic questions for you & also point you in the right direction. aqmiami7@gmail.com

If I can’t help, then hivepress support team can later help you. Although, for basic stuff and just general things, I can def help and guide you. For these things it is better for me to help you, so the hivepress developers can continue to work on making hivepress better with updates, etc.

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Sorry for the confusion, the docs may be limited at the moment but all the features advertised in the theme description and shown on the demo should work as expected (and if they don’t you can always report a bug, this is our support scope). Please note that some user experience with WordPress is required for setting up our themes since these are WordPress themes.

Please try following this course step by step https://www.udemy.com/course/create-a-rental-or-booking-marketplace-with-wordpress/ If by “WordPress purchase” you mean their official hosting you can use any other hosting provider depending on your budget and requirements, nowadays any hosting offers 1-click WordPress installation 12 Best WordPress Hosting Providers of 2022 Compared & Tested

Hope this helps.

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