Different length of minimum stay

Hi, I have a question. Is it possible to set different length of minimum stay? For example, in the winter you have to rent a house for a minimum of 2 nights, and in the vacations you have to rent for a minimum of 5 nights?

Unfortunately there’s no such feature at the moment, but we’ll consider adding extra options for this (probably to the existing date-specific price form).

That would be great. I talk to a lot of facility owners and many of them would like to have this option. Do you know when there is a chance for such a thing to appear?

Alternatively, can such an implementation be ordered from you specifically for our site?

Unfortunately there’s no ETA but we can try to estimate this as a custom work, please submit the details via this form https://forms.gle/5FKCRydKfmFFKkLF9 If the feature is common enough you can also allow for it to be released with the core update, and sponsor a feature this way.

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