Direct communication with Users through the website

Hi @yevhen and @ihor

Hope you are doing well. I have a question for you as usual.

What do you think is the best way to communicate with customers if they have a problem or need extra help with the website?

The theme does not come with a contact page and I wonder if I create one, can I use elementor to format it without affecting the theme?

Although the contact page would be a good way to collect queries from the users. It is not really efficient. I also wonder if you guys have in your radars to create an internal chat option so there is always a chat available on the website. Thus, the users could just open it and write their queries and if admins or moderators are available, immediately provide feedback to the user. If there is already an alternative for this feature, please let me know.


If you mean communication between the site admins and visitors there’s no such feature in HivePress because it’s a common feature for any website, it’s not specific to directories/marketplaces. Please consider using some helpdesk service of your choice, for example we use HelpScout and we added their chat code to our site (it appears in the corner and creates a new ticket in their system) RentalHive - Rental marketplace WordPress theme | HivePress Themes There are many services similar to HelpScout, we previously used this free service and it works fine

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