Disable password changed email

When a user changes their password in their account settings, a generic plain text email is sent to the user.

Is there a way to customize that email? I don’t see it listed as one of the Hivepress > Emails templates

If we can’t customize the email, can we disable it from being sent?


Users don’t get an email when their password is reset, maybe you mean the admin email? If so, then this email is sent by WordPress to notify the admin, it’s not customizable in HivePress/Emails.

I change the password here on a user account (they’re a host if that makes a difference):

And that user gets this email:

Yes, this is a standard notice sent by WordPress. if you want to disable it please try this solution How to Disable Password Change Notifications in WordPress – Growth Hacking Insights

Thanks for that confirmation.

The link you sent allows me to disable the admin email notifications. I already use the wordpress plugin Manage Notification E-Mails to disable several of the admin emails.

But I found a different snippet I could add to my functions.php file for the user notification email:

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