Disable payment bookings

Is it possible to disable payments for bookings? And accepting the reservation right away as if the market was not installed? I need a market for a price calculation and multiadd fields, but I don’t want to receive payments.

Yes, there may be a workaround if you use some “offline” payment gateway (and rename it if required), and use some solution to switch the order status from “on hold” to “processing”, for example php - Auto change order status from hold-on to processing in Woocommerce - Stack Overflow

I mean completely skipping woocommerce gates and automatic booking confirmation. Exactly as it is in the case of the inactive marketplace module.

I found a similar thread but for request. I would like something similar for a booking. So replacing the button from the one that leads to the order for the one to send the reservation as it is without a marketplace.

Sorry, there’s no easy way to implement this because if the checkout page is skipped, then price extras and calculations would be lost (this is implemented by Marketplace).