Discounts for select users

Is there any way to add discount from a specific vendor to another vendor off a selected product

Say someone messages me i am a vendor with no admin access they are asking me to sell them something that’s up for £20 at a discounted rate of £18 can i set a code up that only that customer can use?

In the current version this may be possible via the WooCommerce coupons only, and only admins or users with Shop Manager role have access to this feature. I’m not sure if WooCommerce allows restricting a coupon to specific user though, but if there’s a unique coupon code it’s unlikely that someone else guesses it.

I think doing it trough woo commerce the postage cost never ends up on the vendors order.

Please let me know if you added the shipping cost globally via WooCommerce settings or as a price extra for a listing?

I have chose to use the extra items this works correct

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