Display a single attribute on listing page

Hello, i can only display the page (primary) and (secondary. however I’d like a separate attribute isolated on the page

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you

Please share more details about the issue, do you mean a page that shows all the listings assigned to this attribute option?

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Thank you for your answer. On the template of a single listing page, I have 2 components (primary and secondary) however I’d like to display a single attribute of the listing independently.
Eg. I have some details as primary attributes and features as secondary attributes but I’d like the price to appear independently on top of the page.

Thank you for the support

Unfortunately there’s no such option yet (this would require code customizations) but we plan to add the ability to create custom display areas.

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Thanks a lot for your answer, courage with the work that will be a great addition!

In regards to customisation, from where could i start to create my own blocks? thanks cheers

It’s possible to insert new blocks via custom PHP snippets, please check some sample snippets here Search · user:hivepress hivepress/v1/templates · GitHub

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