Display all categories on left filter

how do i add all categories to the left filter on listing hive?

i did see this link saying it isn’t currently possible:


but it appears to be possible on the demo:



The demo version shows just all the main categories. If you want to display sub-categories as well, please check this topic Show all sub categories in filter sidebar by default - #11 by moscato

​I hope this is helpful to you.

thanks andrri, but my default filter does not even have the main categories like in the demo.

any idea why?

scrrenshots for both are attached for listinghive theme.

It’s really strange. Please provide us a link to your website and we’ll take a look at it.

hi serhii,


i think it was my fault.

i double checked your demo and it did not have categories added to the search bar.

my site did.

so as a result the categories did not also appear as filterable.

when i remove categories from the search bar then they show up by default just like the demo.

thank you for your help.

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