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Hi - I am using botht he Marketplace and Booking plugins which works great for most time based listings. However some of our freelancers have services which they deliver on their own time, so I need to remove the calendar option for those categories (e.g. web development, it has a fixed cost and not charged per day). Can I hide the calendar from the booking page for certain categories of listings please?


You can restrict bookings to specific categories, please check this doc How to restrict booking to specific listing categories - HivePress Help Center

Thanks - that wasn’t the question I had though. What I meant was, some services do not require the Calendar functionality for the booking. The calendar makes it worse because the price multiplies by day. Can I remove the Calendar part of the Booking process for certain categories?


I see. Yes, you can restrict these bookings to categories, then the calendar will not be displayed in other categories, I recommend that you review the document I sent you earlier and test this feature.

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