Display listing attributes on single listing page

I’d like to display all the attributes that a vendor adds to their listing on the single listing page. I’ve tried creating a template for it, but I couldn’t find any blocks that seemed to show the attributes.

Like, if a vendor were to enter the mileage, horsepower, condition, etc. of a used vehicle when he creates a listing, I expect these attributes would show up on the single listing page, right?


You need to specify the display area in the settings of each attribute, then they will be displayed.

Gotcha. What are these display areas? I see it says Block (primary), Page (primary) etc., but what do these terms mean? Is there an explanation somewhere?

And is there a way I can use the attributes as blocks in the single page builder?

Basically, I want to customize the look of the single listing page, but without a block for each attribute, that wouldn’t really make any sense since the attributes are the important information pertaining to the listing.


The listing block is the one that’s displayed on the search and category pages (the primary area is in the corner, the secondary one is under the title, it lists attributes in 2 columns). The listing page has the primary area at the top of the sidebar; the secondary one is under the listing images (also in 2 columns).
I recommend you test each display area on your side to understand better where the attribute is visually displayed.

You don’t need to overwrite the template to display attributes, just specify the display area for the attributes.

If you overwrite templates, they will not display individual block attributes, but general blocks from HivePress (for example, filter, listings, categories, etc.), we also recommend testing this in HivePress > Templates using this doc How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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