Display more attributes in different areas of listing view page

Currently we are limited to only putting attributes on block primary/secondary or on the page primary/secondary.

I really wish there was a third independent spot to put separate attributes. For example, on the sidebar widget area on bottom or underneath the listing description. Normally, I can use the sidebar widget area for ads, but can sell it to vendors as an upgrade to remove the ad(s), and give them control of that area for them to use.

I know this probably can be done by developers/programmer outside but it would be nice to just be able to buy it or have it done directly through hivepress.

Anybody else feel the same? Or is it just me…

Thanks for your feedback, we plan to add the ability to create custom attribute areas and insert them via the Templates feature. We’ll possible add a third-predefined area as well, below the listing description.

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Thank you, it will make your product more complete! :wink:

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