Display Name Not Changing

After creating an Account if I choose to change my Display Name under Account details and click save change, it states “Account details changed successfully.” however my Display name hasn’t changed and instead reverted back to the old Display name.

Under Display Name it states “This will be how your name will be displayed in the account section and in reviews” however the display name is still the old display name. when it’s suppose to reflect the new one.

In the Backend under HivePress>Settings>Users>Display Name it’s set to Username. yet the above issue still persists.

This is the expected behavior - HivePress has a common option for this, and it overrides the per-profile one in the back-end user settings. Please select the required Display Name format in HivePress>Settings>Users>Display, e.g., you can choose the username, first name, full name, etc. The settings are applied when a user profile is re-saved or if a new one is created.

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