Display subcategories instead of listings


  1. i want to report a bug
    some of the pages are not showing subcategories
    i mean Display subcategories instead of listings is not working neither on desktop nor on mobile
    Pls check this

https://listobiz.com/ this is the site link you try to open daily needs category it is openng
but if you try to open real estate categories it shows blank screen if you open b2b category it s showing only one sub category but it has morethan ten sub categories pls try to open you will came to know the bug
2. one of the attribute start showing in search coloumn suddunly . now i have remove this from attibutes setting show in search feild but i dont know how it was started showen on search without check mark show on search form

Please try to edit the subcategory and check if Display subcategories instead of listings option is enabled for it

Thanks A lot
when i edit the subcategories and chek the display subcategories instead of listing
the category shows subcategories but the subcategories containing listings not showing i mean dispalying again blank
now listings are not showing

i again uncheck the display subcategories instead of listings in the subcategory
now its working fine
i thinK i shoud repeat the same process for every category those have subcategorie and listings in the subcategiries

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