Display vendors even when they don't have an active listing


Is it possible to display vendors on the listings page even when they don’t have an active listing?

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Unfortunately, there’s no such option because with the default settings, the vendor profile is created only if the user has at least 1 approved listing. You can also enable direct vendor registration in HivePress/Settings/Vendors, then vendors will be able to register a profile directly via the /register-vendor URL, without creating a listing.

I just noticed when a vendor had a listing before but then turns it offline (or I delete it), then the vendor still exists with its account. When I open the account page of the vendor it says “No results found” on the side where the listings would be. There is still the vendor image and the description.

So there is the possibility to have a vendor without an active listing. Does this mean a vendor can have a profile without having a listing?

Btw, is there a dynamic link to link to a vendors page while being logged in? For example when I am logged in, how can I view my own vendor page? I know I can open a listing and then click on my profile, but is there a direct link straight to my vendor page?

I activated the option direct vendor registration. Does this mean the vendor page is created at the time of sign up? So there is a vendor page but no listing? That’s exactly why I need the url to my own vendor page when I’m logged in.

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Yes, currently if the last vendor listing is deleted, the vendor profile is not deleted automatically - we’ll try to find a solution for this in future updates.
Currently vendors can view their front-end profile page via any of their listing pages, but we’ll also improve the UX by adding a “preview” link somewhere on the settings page.
If you enabled direct vendor registration then users can register as vendors via the /register-vendor URL, in this case adding a listing is not required.
Hope this helps.

I opened my website via /register-vendor and I was redirected to the log in page. I then logged in (my test user has on listings at all) and was redirected to the vendors page and saw this little note “No listings”. This is all great!

But how can I open this page again?

When I open /register-vendor again, then I just get redirected to the home page.

Please tell me a the url that always links to the vendor page after he signed up. What is that dynamic url? (something like /vendor-page or so)

Thank you

Yes, if there are no required vendor fields then the registration is immediate, there’s just a redirect to the newly created vendor page. If you add at least 1 required vendor attribute or make any of the existing fields required (e.g. first/last name, using a code snippet) then there will be 2 steps: login/registration and “complete profile”.

By default, vendor URLs have the “/vendor/{username}” structure, but you can change the “vendor” slug in Settings/Permalinks.

Right, but is there a url to link to the user’s vendor page when they are logged in?

For example when I’m logged in and I click on “Messages” it opens my conversations only, not messages from other users. When I click on “Listings” only my listings appear in the list. All these Links are some kind of dynamic, because it shows different content depending on the current logged in user. Is there a dynamic link that shows the vendor page of the currently logged in user? Some kind of “My page” link.

I hope you understand what I mean. If not feel free to ask again and I try to clearify it since this link is really important to me.

Thank you!

Unfortunately there’s no such link yet, in the current version users can click on any of their listing and click on the vendor profile in sidebar. Yes, pages are dynamic, if the page is empty the menu item is not displayed (e.g. if there are no Favorites, this menu item is hidden).

The Messages page should show all the conversations with the current user, not only the user’s messages. If this issue persists please send more details for reproducing it.

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