Do i need to buy themes separately at 89.00?

i need to get additional themes /

My whole site was changed – how do i re-state my site back to where it was. Do i need to create a sub-domain to apply the theme ?

Please send more details about this issue, e.g. the theme you’re currently using, the theme you plan to buy, etc. For example, if you’re using ListingHive and want to upgrade to a premium theme then yes, its current price is $89 but you don’t have to buy multiple themes - only a single theme can be used in WordPress at once so you can just choose which theme provides the functionality and design required for your site.
If you mean extensions (e.g. Social Login, Search Alerts), you can purchase these separately depending on the required functionality (each theme is pre-packaged with a few extensions, listed on its description page), and you can use multiple extensions at once.
Hope this helps.

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