Do payments have milestone capabilities in experthive

We can’t seem to figure out how to have a buyer pay milestones. Is there anything to set up in product or woocommerce to make milestone payments happen?

thank you

Sorry, there’s no such feature in Marketplace, both the listing and request payments are one-time. If you have WooCommerce Subscriptions extension you can also allow subscription payments for listings.

Ok. So if a contract is agreed for 18,000$ a vendor has to wait for the entire project to be done before getting any payment? How would a vendor order supplies, or if a service provider, feed their family for 4 months while the contract was being worked on.

Also, it may seem like woocommerce is a suggestion but I don’t have time to learn that product and I’m finding it a pain with all its own plugins like jetbackup that are bundled in and they try to shove down your throat.

Thanks - maybe this gets added to the roadmap? Can’t see how people wait for 3-6 months to get paid?

Yes, I totally agree that this feature is crucial for ongoing contracts and we’ll consider adding it, but there’s no such feature in the current version. The Marketplace extension is more suitable for fixed-price services, digital downloads, custom requests and similar services at the moment (so it may be more close to Fiverr than Upwork in terms of the platform purpose).
There may be a temporary workaround, e.g. breaking the project into separate requests (if private requests are enabled sellers can ask buyers to create and pay for a new request).

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