Don't require current password from users registered via Social Login


When users use a social login method and go to change their account settings (name, photo, etc.) it requires that they enter their current password. The issue is that with social logins, users do not have a password to enter, and therefore cannot update their settings.

This also applies to when a social login user wants to delete their account. They do not have a password to enter.

The only possible workaround is doing a password reset, but the user shouldn’t have to do that.

Is there a way to disable the “current password” requirement for users who have had their accounts created with social logins? Alternatively, if you could add a “set password” button on the settings for the first time they set a password to use going forward, that would work too.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback, it seems to be a bug and we’ll fix it in the next Social Login update (this also requires a HivePress core update). In the current version, the only way to resolve this is to reset password and change it via the Reset Password form.

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