Don't work snippets in Requests/Offers

I have the Requests plugin installed without a Marketplace.

It works on the principle of question-answer and here the most interesting begins

Steps to reproduce

Why don’t your materials show anywhere how useless this plugin is without a marketplace and give examples of the plugin?

Now I can’t even buy a marketplace plugin

1. I can’t answer any offers, there is no answer button. I can only delete offers

2.The snippet that should add a field to the request response form does not work correctly

Actual result


Expected result

I need to add another text field to the offer field

Extra details


  1. The only feature that Marketplace adds to Requests is the offer acceptation (the Accept button that redirects customers to the payment page, once the payment is made a new Maketplace order is created based on a request). There’s no feature of replying to offers yet and we don’t advertise it, but if you have messages then customers can go to the vendor profile and discuss the offer further.

  2. If possible send a link to this snippet.

Please remember that we have a 30 day refund policy.

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