Dropdown menus not functioning correctly

Hi! For some reason my dropdown menus at search filters (categories, attributes) are not working correctly with desktop (Chrome/Opera). I usually have to click several times before the dropdown menu opens. Usually the menu opens better if I click the small arrow, but it’s quite small and not easy to use for everyone. Occasionally the dropdown menu doesn’t stay open at all, which makes it difficult to use. Otherwise I’m very happy with ListingHive. Thank you for your help!

Please try disabling third-party plugins (some plugins may load the same drop-down script with different settings, overriding the HivePress one). If this issue persists you can also test this as a new user (without the admin toolbar), the toolbar may shift the click position for interactive elements like the drop-down but it will be ok for vendors/users since they don’t have a toolbar.

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Thanks, this was a useful advice!

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