Edit 'confirm email' popup

Would like to edit the popup that appears after someone fills in the registration form…the one that tells them to check their email to confirm. Can anyone tell me how to add some custom text to the popup? Apologies if this has been covered. Searched snippets and other messages but could not find anything.

If you want to edit this text Screenshot by Lightshot then please try to use Loco Translate. You could find this text in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress. Here is a tutorial how to make such changes with Loco Translate How to translate an extension - HivePress Help Center

I do not want to translate text. I just want to add an extra sentence of English text to the pop-up. I don’t know where to find the text to edit it.

Yes, this is the easiest way to change or add any static text - it doesn’t require any code changes and you can keep track of all the text changes in a single editor. Please try following the suggested screencast to change or extend the “Please check your email…” text.

Thank you

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