Edits in Category page don't show up

  1. Go to category page of the listings
  2. Add line breaks, links and media (picture) to the description field
  3. Line breaks, links and media don’t show up for visitors

I could live without line breaks and media, but missing the links is a major issue.

Thanks for reporting this issue. If you mean the category description, it’s a plan text field in WordPress, it doesn’t have HTML markup editor in Listings/Categories (post categories work in the same way). We’ll try to add this as a HivePress-specific feature in future updates.

Yes, that’s what I mean. Description for listings category. And it is already possible to add media or links into it, they just don’t show up for customers. Any idea when that feature could approximately come live? Thank you!

Please let me know if you use some third-party plugin for adding the advanced editor to the category description, when I check it there’s a plain text field

I inactivated and activated the plugins again, and in deed, it is the Yoast SEO plugin that adds that feature.

It’s no surprise after all that it’s a SEO plugin that adds that feature, since they know as a SEO company the SEO value of inner links from category pages. But it would also be a great way to have categories with 0 listings, from where you could link to similar categories… For example in my website, I could have cities with 0 listings, and link them to nearby cities that have listings… → More visitors, more SEO juice, better customer experience…

Thanks for the details, in any case, we’ll add HTML support to the category description in the next theme/plugin update.

:+1: Thanks

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