Email configuration

Where can I configure the emails that reach both the administrator/user/host.
I want to make emails not only reach the administrator.
If I go into HivePress email configuration. I don’t get any but I do get them in the mail, and they are not the ones from woocommerce


If no overwritten email events exist in HivePress > Emails, default emails will be sent.

If you overwrite an event email in HivePress > Emails and leave its body empty, it will not be sent (this event email will be disabled).

To overwrite email events, please check this doc How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

But is it possible that the “reservation request” email, for example, reaches more recipients and not just the administrator?

One thing I don’t understand is why I have activated the emails of the reservations with Woocommerce to reach the client and the administrator, and they also reach them by another means, which I don’t know if it is from WordPress itself or from HivePress.

One of the things I want is that emails do not reach the Host, that is, they only reach the web administrator or a specific email and also the client, but not the owner of the property.


Sorry for the delay.

Could you please provide information on which emails you are referring to? Maybe you are using WooCommerce Bookings?

Also, please try this PHP snippet:

	function( $email ) {
		$email['recipient'] = '',

		return $email;

I’m using Woocommerce, yes.
I don’t know what information I can give you about the emails, when I make a reservation or something related to HivePress the web sends an email to the client, the host and the admin. But I only want it to reach the client so that they have proof and the administrator and I will inform the host privately.
I don’t have any email configured in HivePress, that is, I go to email and there is nothing, but it still sends. When I decide to create it to change the recipient of that email, I don’t know how to do it because it doesn’t give me the option.

Al poner el PHP me salta esto


Please provide details on which email you want to forward (Booking Requested or Booking Confirmed), and we will try to help you.

It won’t let me edit

I have already achieved that the host does not receive the emails. (leaving the message text blank)

Now what I’m looking for is that the emails from HivePress /reservation request" “approved reservation”… that these emails reach several recipients and not the default one (host in this case). Especially with the “reservation request” "

I’m so sorry to bother you so much, you do a great job for us

This may be possible using a code snippet, but the Booking Requested email should be enabled back for this. Then all the booking request emails will be sent to the site admin (I recommend setting up forwarding in the admin mailbox if multiple recipients are required). Let me know if this works for you.

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