Email deadline featuring date

Please, I would like to understand how to add the “deadlines featuring date” event to send an email alert to the advertiser.
A thousand thanks

Please share more details about this issue, do you mean sending an email when the featured status is expired or some period of time before the expiration?

Hi, as a priority it would be sufficient to be able to send an email when the futured status is expired.
Later I think it may be more useful to be able to indicate the number of days that the ad remains in evidence instead of indicating an expiration date. (Example: I want my ad to remain in futured status for 50 days). It would be more immediate to understand the possible rate that normally uses the “day” as a unit of measurement and consequently to be able to send an email a few days before the deadline.

Thanks for the details, these features are not possible with a simple code snippet unfortunately, but both improvements are added to the roadmap.

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