Email notification about unpaid booking

Is there a way to send a reminder email about an unpaid booking if left unpaid for a certain period of time?? I do not see any email events like this in the Hive Press emails to edit.

If you mean the initial payment currently there’s no such notification, but we’ll add it to the upcoming updates.

I mean the “unpaid” order status within hivepress. I just want to remind users that I have unpaid orders to be cancelled after 1 day and that an unpaid order does not reserve dates in bookings.

I recommend adding this to the final page of the booking process (via HivePress/Templates), e.g. in bold or red color to let them know that the booking will be canceled if unpaid. If you set the expiration to 1 day there’s almost no time to remind them, but we’ll add the reminder email for unpaid booking in any case - I added this to the project roadmap.

Thank you!

How do I get the template to look exactly like the Confirm Booking page right now and just add the red text in there? I made the template but do not see any hivepress blocks to make the page look at it does now.

After you publish the template you will have new blocks on the editor under title “templates” just search for it.

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Thank you!!

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