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Hi Hivepress. After setting up email with Wp Mail SMTP all emails sent successfully. But I register as a new user, I get the wrong email. Im supposed to get the email verification email but get the registration complete email. Please help

Steps to reproduce

Under users tab in hivepress settings tick the “Require email address verification” checkbox. After that, create a new account.

Actual result

After registering an email should be sent to verify email. Instead of that I get the Registration complete email which only states "Hi, {username}! Thank you for registering, here’s your password: {password}

Expected result

Email with button to click to verify email address.

Please make sure that Require email address verification setting is enabled in HivePress/Settings/Users

Please add/change the email template in HivePress/Emails. Please select the Email Verification event for it, then it will override the default one. You can set a custom subject and text, for example:

Hi, %user_name%! Please click on the following link to verify your email address: %email_verify_url%

Hi thanks for replying. My setup is exactly like you mentioned. I have the email setup in Hivepress/Emails and I have selected the Email Verification event.

Still when I register as a new user I get an email with no link to actually verify the address.

Any other recommendations?

If there’s no Email Verification email even though the email verification is enabled, please make sure that there’s no email that overrides it in HivePress/Emails section (the email is disabled if you override it with a custom one with empty content). Also, please set up WP Mail SMTP and test the email deliverability. Once you get both emails on user registration, you can disable the Registration one if it’s not required (and override the Email Verification one to both greet new users & provide a link for activation).

Hi Ihor!

Your mentioning to disable the registration completed emails helped me but only I instead disabled ALL the emails and then it worked!

Thanks man

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